Procedures for COVID-19

New Procedures at Eastgate Airport for Covid-19

Because of the new measures that had to be implemented, it is imperative that passengers arrive at the airport for departure with enough time, so all the relevant checks can be processed, due to these measures processing will take much longer than previously. Recommended 2 hours before departure. 

Social Distancing to be kept to at all times | No person will be allowed access without a FACE MASK

Access to Terminal Building

  • Only passengers, crew, passenger service staff are allowed in the terminal buildings.
  • Meeters and greeters will not be allowed in the terminal buildings.
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers have been installed throughout the terminal buildings for your convenience.
  • You must always wear a face covering or mask in the terminal building.  You won’t be allowed to enter. NO MASK NO ENTRY
  • Please follow the instructions of the airport personnel managing queues at check-in, security and the boarding gates if they ask you to maintain distancing.
  • To help you maintain social distancing, markers have been placed in the common use and queuing areas throughout the airports.

Screening Procedures

  • Passengers should plan to arrive at the airport earlier in to be at the designated check-in counter (domestic travel) 2 hours prior to departure.

We recommend passengers check-in online.

  • Visitors documents needs to be completed at screening point before access to the Buildings will be gained. 
  • The temperature will be screened of all persons that will need access to the airport, this temperature will be entered on visitors document that has to be signed.
  • Any person with a temperature reading of 37.5°C, will be given a cooldown period of 20min, after which the temperature will be taken again. If the temperature remains the same you will not leave the room until safety protocols have been followed. If your temperature has decreased you may proceed to the check-in building to check-in for your flight.

Check-in Procedures

  • For your safety and theirs, our check-in agents will be wearing face masks and sit behind transparent protective screens.

They will ask you some questions about your recent and current health.

  • For identification, the traveller will show the check-in agent proof of identification and also asked to lift the face mask to compare the picture of the form of identification to the traveller.

Security Screening Procedures

  • At Central screening point, a traveller will need to show a form of Identification as well as the boarding pass for access to the Departure Area.
  • For identification, the traveller will show the security agent proof of identification and also asked to lift the face mask to compare the picture of the form of identification to the traveller.
  • To prevent unnecessary physical searches all passengers to make sure no items in pockets before going through the search point.
  • Liquid and gel security restrictions still apply, so please limit your containers of 70% alcohol-based hand sanitisers to 100ml.  Security officials will confiscate any bottles that exceed the limitations.

Boarding Procedures

  • Passengers will be required to scan their own boarding pass at unnecessary the boarding gate, present identification and will be requested to remove their face mask to verify their identification.
  • Boarding of the aircraft will be as per Airlines procedures.